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story? citi can help you write it. >>> the evidence shows that jason scott with a spree of terror in prince georges county. >> convicted. a suspected serial killer will never return to area streets. his crime spree so violent and widespread an entire county is breathing easier tonight. good evening, everyone. yim has the night off tonight. jason scott found guilty in federal court in greenbelt today. the conviction means that one of the most dangerous criminals the washington area has ever seen will be locked up for life. the u.s. attorney's office linked jason scott with more than 50 burglaries, 9 armed home invasions, armed carjacking and the production of child pornography and still awaits trial on the murders of a mother and daughter in prince georges county. melissa? >> reporter: well, good evening. prosecutors call him dangerous, methodical. a career criminal who's, yes, facing double murder charges in the murder of a mother and her daughter. at this point he's not stood trial on the charges but will spend the rest of his life behind bars. this is the happiest day rose smith
-year-old jason, scott ellis found guilty of carjacking, theft, and other charges stemming from several home invasions and burglaries. he will be sentenced in october. he goes on trial in november for the 2009 murders of dolores dewitt and her daughter. >>> and investigations into the robocall investigation. the political operatives pleaded not guilty in the in relation to all calls made on election day. paul schurick and julius henson are accused of using the calls to discourage voters from going to the polls. the trial is set for sept.. >>> news about baby boomers. roughly one-third of baby boomers are obese. the associated press poll finds obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are not among the biggest health fears of baby boomers. their biggest is cancer. >>> loring your blood pressure could be as simple as changing your diet. a new study says replacing cards with soy protein and low fat dairy could bring about a slow decrease in blood pressure levels. that may lower your risk of getting a stroke. >>> for the 21st year, johns hopkins has taken the top spot in the annual rankings of u
and granddaughter were murdered. jason scott charged with killing delores and ebony dewitt, burning their bodies and leaving them in the trunk of a car, found guilty in court on monday on burglary, home invasion and carjacking. he's sentenced to court for 50 years. though the murder trial won't start until fall for dewitt, knowing he's in jail for life is happy enough. ebony's cousin celebrated with a round of e-mails and texts. >> call some friends and your friends. >> reporter: they showed jurors this map with all the areas where scott admitted to more than 50 burglaries and 9 home innovations. they say he became increasingly violent, selecting his victims online and meeting people from the u.p.s. facility where he worked. >> he seems to be the most dangerous. >> reporter: they called him a seasoned criminal where he would cut victims' phone lines, use a scanner to monitor police, and thoroughly clean crime scenes. james lived in upper marlboro for more than 30 years. he says scott broke into several houses here, terrorizing this neighborhood. though he hasn't been charged, investigators think
. jason scott is charred with killing dolores dewit and her daughter ebony in 2009. the police called him a person of interest in the double murder and another mother and -- mother and daughter and woman. today, a federal jury convicted him in more than 50 robberies and nine armed home invasions. in one, he sexually assaulted the 17-year-old and videotaped her naked. he does now face a mandatory minimum of everyone in years in federal prison. -- of 97 years in federal prison. >> a developing story out of southeast, a gunman on the run after shooting another man on the busy street in the middle of the day. the police tell us that this happened on martin luther king jr. avenue. paul wagner is live at the scene with more on this investigation, paul? >> reporter: the people who witnessed this said it was two men tussling with each other, wrestling, horseplays one man described it and one man didn't take too kindly to it and said i want you to stop and he didn't. the horseplay continued. the witnesses say that man left, got a gun and came back and opened fire. >>> martin luther king jr. avenue
's county was convicted today for other unrelated crimes. jason scott is charged with killing delores dewitt and her daughter ebony in 2009. police called him a person of interest in three other murders including a mother and daughter and another woman. today a federal jury convicted scott of more than 50 robberies, nine armed home invasions and the production of child pornography. he faces a mandatory minimum of 97 years in federal prison. >>> a followup now to a news edge investigation. last week we showed you this video from our sister station in detroit. auto workers caught on camera chugging beer and apparently doing drugs, then heading back to work on the assembly line. chrysler announced nine employees in this video are suspended without pay and could be fired after the investigation is complete by the company. this follows similar incidents caught on camera last fall. 13 workers were later fired. >>> there is no rest for the senate. majority leader harry reid says his chamber will not take a day off until the debt ceiling is raised. there's little more than two weeks left until t
accused of the slaying of a nurse and her daughter is convicted on unrelated charges. a jury found jason scott guilty of carjacking, theft, and gun charges related to a series of home invasions. in november, he will stand trial of the two people. their bodies were found in 2009 in a burning car in largo. >> baltimore remembers a beloved school teacher. wendell hairston was a longtime music instructor for baltimore city schools. he was killed when a stolen vehicle crashed into his van that belle and ferndale avenues. his students remember their teacher as a kind of hard working instructor. >> we all knew when he was -- he always took us out. what time we were on tv one time. we were doing a musical that he signed us up for. he always had us on different things. everybody liked him in school. >> one of the suspects in the stolen vehicles shot a man along liberty heights ave. the search continues for a hit- and-run driver who killed a bicyclist. alex hernandez was hit while riding his bicycle across ritchie highway. the driver may be driving in a hyundai sonata. the vehicle has damage to th
. >>> he is not guilty of committing dozens of crimes. earlier today, a federal jury convicted jason scott of more than 50 of burglaries. harmed carjackings and possession of child pornography. he is facing up to 97 years in prison. he is accused of murdering delores' to wait and her daughter in 2009. he is expected -- he is expected to go on trial in november. >>> the school bus caught on fire. here are some pictures from this morning. the fire started in the engine and quickly spread the what the boss. there were no children on the bus. the driver was able to get out safely. two drivers were treated for smoke inhalation. >>> the driver of the tour bus that crashed outside of rochester, new york, said the trip was going along normally until the pilot light blue. -- blew. able out caused the crash. the buses tires were just a few months old. >>> a stark warning from d.c. police. people do use a popular running and biking trail are increasingly falling prey to criminals. in other cyclist was robbed at gunpoint as today. this happened on the metropolitan branch trail. we are live with reacti
a prince george's county mother and daughter has been convicted on all charges. jason scott was found guilty of carjacking theft, and other charges in connection with a series of commendations and burglaries. faces nearly 100 years in prison. the schedule to go on trial in november for the 2009 murders of a mother and daughter. >>>>> d.c. superior court officials are revamping security procedures after an accused murderer if escaped last week's. james brewer swap id bracelets with and other inmates and then walked out of the courthouse. he turned himself in 24 hours later. there was tight security when he appeared in court yesterday. >>> alexandria city attorney will update the media today on plans to redevelop parts of the waterfront in old town. they will discuss the city's efforts to require public right- of-way on lan connected to the extra. that's next to the old dominion boat club. >>> a lightning strike interrupted last night's yankees game against the braves. lightning hit near an electric substation and the knights hit the yankee slugger's bat. he simply grounded outs when pl
serial killer in prince georges county convicted on unrelated charges, jason scott was found guilty of more than 50 robberies 9 armed home invasions and production of child pornography he faces a min numb of 97 years in prison and he is accused of killing a woman and her daughter in 20 09d. police have called him a person of interest in three other murders. >>> search continues for a gunman who opened fire on a busy dc street martin luther king avenue just before noon yesterday some men were horsing around in front of a pizza place for some reason a suspect left, came back with a gun and shot the victim several times the victim is expected to survive. >>> a look at this mornings other top stories deadline nearing as the dead debate continues, president obama threatening to veto a republican plan includes a balanced budget amendment, house speaker boehner calls that dispointing there is momentum around a senate back up plan, hairy reed wants the -- harry reed wants the senate to work until there is a deal. >> republicans are trying to persuade the president of the need for a course c
in her life after the trial. >>> a federal jury has convicted 28-year-old jason thomas scott of upper marlboro in a string of crimes. scott was convicted of 11 felony charges related to crimes committed during more than 50 burglaries and 9 armed home invasions. the convictions include everything from armed carjacking to production of child porn to the theft of firearms. he will be sentenced in october. >>> where is casey anthony? her lawyers say they have an elaborate plan in place to protect her from people with a lynch mob mentality. her where abouts are only known to a select few as she tries to start a new life. not even her parents know. >> regardless of everything else that happened at the trial, she's still their daughter. >> anthony left with a little more than $500. how is she paying for it? her lawyers say many volunteers stepped up and offered her help. >>> next, how this morning's yacht club fire in d.c. is causing more problems tonight. we'll be right back. >>> a major fire broke out at the washington yacht club. four boats were destroyed, another badly damaged. kristin
. a federal jury has convicted jason scott of several crimes. the u.s. attorney's office has linked scott with more than 50 burglaries, 9 armed home invasions, armed carjacking, and even production of child pornography. rosa smith lost her daughter and granddaughter at his hands. even though he's still awaiting trial for their murders, smith is happy with the verdict. >> even though we we can't bring our kids back, at least we know justice has been served. >> scott will be sentenced in october. >>> the legal battle between a local newspaper and redskins owner dan snyder is getting a new player. the aclu. aclu officials filed a briefing with the court arguing that snyder must quickly prove his case against the washington city paper. snyder says the paper defamed him in an article published last november and is seeking $1 million in damages. the aclu is not a party to the case, but a new d.c. law allows for third parties to ask that a lawsuit they deem frivolous be thrown out. >>> today philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick will be on capitol hill today backing a bill to crack down o
. >> it oakland police boat person jason scott says that investigators hope that the trend of community members coming ford continues as investigators said they have few leads in this case. >> the members of the community are tired of these crimes going on and they want to see something done. we know and i believe they know that we have to work together to been to solve some of these crimes. >> new details tonight into the failure of the state and federal parole system in monterey convicted sexual predator phillip garrido. last night you may remember that we shall the videos that garrido took of young children and of a parole agent. tonight dan kerman looks at some documents that showcased the perot systems mistakes. >> we have been sleeping in there. >> why is this door locked? >> an addition to the video of a parole agent during the garrido home and missing jaycee dugard being captive --being held captive in the backyard and another video of them videotaping children and a playground and the d.a. has released millions of information showing how they failed to monitoring the real. after h
on unrelated charges. yesterday, a federal jury found jason scott guilty of more than 50 robberies, nine armed home invasions and the production of child pornography. he faces a mandatory minimum of 97 years in federal prison. he is also charged with skilling dolores dewitt ander daughter ebony in 2009. that murder trial is scheduled to begin in november and police say he is a person of interest in three other murders. >>> it has been months since the last race for governor of maryland ended but the controversy consequence over thousands of robocalls made on he leaks day. two former officers of governor bob ehrlich have pleaded not guilty. they and in a baltimore circuit court yesterday. here is henson. >> this is something by ben c ardin and o'malley to punish people who don't agree with the democrat inparty. >>> it can cut the risk of some cancer and fight off depression but doctors say many of us are not getting enough of it. >>> another wild scene out west. phoenix slammed by a second dust storm in two weeks. details on why the scene is so rare. it is 6:38 now. ouewti navigating today's r
. >>> a jury in prince georges county convicted a suspected serial killer on charges unrelated to murder. jason scott was found guilty of more than 50 robberies, 9 armed home invasionproduction of child pornography and accused of murdering delores and her daughter ebb any in 2009 that -- ebony in 2009 that trial will begin in november. >>> spider filed a defamation suit against the -- schneider filed a deaf nation suit against the paper about a story about him, civil liberties is filing a brief in accordance with the new dc law, schneider must prove the paper filed false information against him. the article was clearly within free speech protection they say. >>> upcoming nfl season could be back on track in a matter of days there is word a new collective bargaining deal could be in place this week the world champion packers have even gone as far as to tell players their facility will be open friday and be ready to show up at a team meeting saturday a deal is expected to cover the next 10 seasons. >>> hopefully. >> yes. >> dangerous heat wave gripping much of the country, 20% of the nation is ex
in federal prison. jason scott was victimed on 11 felony charges today, related to dozens of burglaries and home invasions in prince george's county. scott was also convicted on child pornography charges. he's also facing murder charges in the deaths of delores and ebony dewitt. the case is scheduled to go to trial in november. >>> for the second time in three days, police say somebody was robbed along the metropolitan branch trail. the latest attack happened this morning in northeast d.c. a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike just north of rhode island avenue. elaine reyes has details. >> i don't be out here late at night. right. but most of the time, i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: dorothy harris uses her lunch break to get a little exercise on the trail. she is just one of many regulars who say they're not going to let anything scare them off. >> and see if there is anyone behind me when i'm walking or something like that. but so far, so good. i have haven't encountered anyone hostile toward me. everyone was friendly on the trail. >> reporter: police are looking for a
will end the rest of his life behind bars. a federal jury convicted jason scott on 11 charges. scott was also convicted on child pornography charges. he will be sentenced in october. he faces 97 years in prison. he also faces murder charges in the death of delores and ebony dewitt. their bodies were found in a burning car back in 2009. that case is scheduled to go on to trial in november. >>> the d.c. superior court is revamping security after a murder suspect managed to trick corrections officers and walk out of the building. according to the "washington post," court officials will see a mug shot of each defendant before entering the courtroom. last week, james brewer swapped i.d. bracelets with another inmate who was locked up on misdemeanor charges. brewer turned himself in on saturday afternoon. he's accused of shooting a man in southeast last month. brewer is being held without bond. >>> a 17-year-old in florida is accused of killing his parents and then throwing a house party with the bodies still in the home. nbc's mark potter has the disturbing details in this case. >> tyler,
but nothing like that, that is a big deal for our street. >> any information big or small. >> jason scott says investigators hope that with the trend of community members coming forth continues investigator said that they have few leads in this case. >> members of the community are tired of these crimes going on and it went to see something done we know and i believe they know that we have to work together to be able to solve some of the crimes. >> and news around the bay, senses the police are searching for a man that robbed a financial district bank. it happened about 3:15 p.m. on monday afternoon on the 500 block of montgomery street they said the man handed the bank teller a note, then gave her a bag the teller filled it with cash and the robber took off. in east palo alto the police are trying to identify the person is not a 90 year-old woman earlier this morning as it was in the car when someone opened fire, to others in the car were not hit, the woman is being treated at the hospital. new figures show that airport security breaches happened somewhere in the country every day ther
of the crimes committed by 28-year-old jason thomas scott from upper marlboro. a federal jury convicted him on 11 felony charges. the crimes took place more than 50 burglars and nine armed home invasions he committed. scott is also facing murder charges in the 2009 deaths of dolores dewitt and her daughter, enin i. they were found in a burned car in largo. >>> a fire that destroyed several boats at the yacht club, you statue here yesterday morning. four boats are a total loss and a fifth was badly damaged. the yacht club will also have to replace a large section of its pier. the total damage is estimated at $1 million. >>> well, is it a group of vandals or a bunch of copycats responsible for lurid graffiti? police are trying to find out. the latest incident was over the weekend at north bethesda middle school. the vandals were interrupted when an alarm at the school went off. last week, police found similar racial and sexual slurs in spencerville and in rockville. >>> two political operatives who worked on former maryland governor rob ehrlich's campaign last year have pleaded not guilty. ju
. ichiro and the mariners going for the sweep and while you fed a look at the season stats for jason vargas scott sizemore was locked n solo shot as up 1-0. he made the case to stay in the rotation. he struck out five. he had the potential tying run at the plate in the 7th inning pitching to carlos pagaro, swinging and gets him. as win 2-0. mocoso's e.r.a. is way down there. no way he is going back to the minors. last night winston-salem david mailman delivers a deep flyball. nick wants to return to center but instead goes air mail over the wall. dana, he did make the catch? >> of course. >> did he? >> show us the ball. >> waiting, waiting. >> show us the glove. >> i see it. >> that was it. he did catch the baseball. takes a minute. he delivered the good after all. >>> the nfl scheduled preseason is just over a month away we still have a lockout. some of the players are so eager to get back to work they took part in a viral video that may look familiar to you. >> tony gonzalez? is this heaven? no. it's iowa. >> there are others, you know, a whole league looking for a place to play. >> any
for scott sizemore. jason, vis thir his third of t. geguillermo perhaps the best ge of h his career. 7 shutout innings, 5 ks. seattle hitters baffled all afternoon. comes through again. base hit to center. scores pennington. high heat to end the 7th and fired up. combines with joey devine and andrew bailey to shut out seattle. 2-0 your final. >>> women's world cup soccer action today. usa versus sweden. the loser gets the always dangerous brazil in the quarters. face painters out in force. 35th minute. sweden, lead, 1-0. sweden in front 2-0. bad luck for usa. usa makes it a game in the 67th minute. corner kick from lauren cheney. abbey sholders it in and a golden opportunity in the 86th minute but that is kelly o'hara. just misses. sweden beats uvmentd sa for the first time in world cup play, 2-1 your final. >>> serious heat to beat john bush. check out the replay. look at the the movement on this thing. a slice we would would call that in golf. >>> stage five of the tour de france. defending champ alberto con contador part of the pileup. that is not the only crash of the day. huzvogd
south now to turner field in atlanta, more interleague action. top 2, swing and a miss for luke scott. bottom 6th now, jason heyward with a bomb. that is his first home run since april 29th, his eighth on the year and the braves have a 2-0 lead. there's the no hitter into the 7th but adam jones breaks up the no-no with a single to center. that was the o's only hit of the game. the braves tack on a few more in the 8th and they win 4-0. >>> lockouts have now quieted the nfl and the nba but the nhl way past its lockouts in 2004/2005 which included a work stoppage of month are than 300 days. today marked the start of free agency in the nhl and the capitals were busy dealing semyon varlamov to the colorado avalanche in exchange for a first round pick in next year's draft and brought back former captain jeff halpern and added free agent right wing joe ward. caps gm george mcphee weighs in on their moves. >> it's a hard pros to go through. we have -- process to go through. all the holes are filled and i think we have a good strong team. >>> men's semifinals at wimbledon and rafael does it a
. >>> plus -- >> good evening. i'm laurence scott. coming up on "sports sunday," cal bear jason kidd joins us about being an nba champion. we talking about the sharks in the off-season with jeremy roenick, and we introduceou toou a unique surfing camp in marin county that is helping kids with autism. on "sports sunday." ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>> nearly 25,000 people took part in san francisco's 25th annual aids walk this morning. participants raised more than $3 million this year and more than 77 million since the firstid as walk back in 1987. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 ca
on the r & b charts, jill scott's new release, the light of sun. and on the country charts, jason with number one with my kind of party. >> in just a few hours, jury selection begins here in washington in the federal case against roger clemens. >> the baseball legend is accused of lying to congress. he testified three years ago saying he did not use steroids. >> but former teammates and a former trainer say otherwise. a judge ruled yesterday, testimony from some of the teammates may not be allowed. clemens' former trainer said he kept needles used to inject clemens with hgh. they'll be presented at the trial. >>> nasa is keeping an eye on the clock and an eye on the forecast for the final launch of the space shuttle "atlantis." nasa weather forecasters say there is a 60% chance of rain or thunderstorms which could scrub friday's launch. however, they say the weather does look more promising after friday. four astronauts arrived at the kennedy space center on monday. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is headed to the kennedy space center. she will have live reports later this week
sensational. second inning, adam jones -- no, check that. that is scott, no match. adam jones only one that got a hit, in the seventh. before the orioles could get a hit the braves got their first two reasons. jason heyward with a two-run homer. nick markakis' consecutive game hit streak ends with the final out of the game. adam jones says the story starts and ends with the braves pitcher in the 4-0 loss. >> man, there were times i was seeing 2-0 change-ups and you kept everybody off balance. in that same conversation there were pitchs to hit that we fouled off or missed. that is the nature of the game. >> in their first year under randy edsall the terps football team will have less time to pretty much each week because they have last practice team in the coming season as part of a violation. according to the sun they will lose practice team because maryland exceeded ncaa practice time limits last year and violated rules regarding summer woubgs. to their credit the terps self-reported the violation. maryland will lose 2.5 hours each week that is more than 10% of the total allotted prac
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